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Ozoned Organics

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2oz Iodine & 79 Mineral Swish


We made an Iodine & 79 Trace Mineral Swish 

Customers often ask us what they're missing from their oral care regimen. 

After years of studying and trial and error for what works best for us, we kept recommending certain mineral and Iodine supplements so often, that we started making a rinse! This concentrated blend contains 79 different trace minerals and Iodine. 

Most tooth decay and gum disease is linked to fat-soluble mineral deficiencies in the body. When our vitamin A, D, C, Calcium and Iodine balance in the body is off, our pH also becomes out of balance and decay begins. When these things aren't readily available in the blood, our bodies can pull them from our bones and teeth. 

Brushing and oil-pulling can only help us so much by creating the right environment our mouths need to heal. If our bodies are deficient in essential minerals, they still won't remineralize. 

This mineral swish is meant to be used on clean teeth at least one hour before or after oil pulling. Swish for a few minutes, then swallow. Some people prefer to spit, but it will be more effective if consumed.

This comes in a 2oz dropper bottle.



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