Ozone Coffee Soap

Ozone Coffee Soap

Please note: When you make a cold process soap it is a very dangerous process. You must wear protective gear such as a long sleeve shirt, rubber gloves, protective eyewear & an apron. When handling lye you must be extra cautious not just when its active but when you're washing your bowls with leftover soap as well. 


7.5 Oz Olive oil

5.5 Oz Ozonated Coconut oil

0.6 Oz Castor oil

5 Oz Hemp seed oil

1.1 Oz Coffee Butter

2.2 Oz Cocoa Butter

1 tsp Activated Charcoal

7.2 Oz Cooled Coffee

3 Oz Lye

Rubbing alcohol

2 tsp sodium lactate (optional)

Essential Oils (optional)


Slowly add the lye to the cooled coffee, stirring constantly until the lye is dissolved. The lye will make the coffee hot and slightly green this is supposed to happen. In a bowl large enough to fit all the ingredients, measure out the olive oil, castor oil and Hemp seed oil. In a separate container, measure out and melt the coffee butter and cocoa butter, let cool and add Ozonated Coconut Oil. Combine both liquid oils into the large bowl. When both the oils and the lye mixture are between 110 degrees and 120 degrees, add the coffee-lye collusion to the oils, pouring over a spatula or the shaft of the stick blender to minimize air bubbles. Tap the stick blender a couple of times against the bottom of the bowl to release any air that may be trapped in the blades. Do not turn on the stick blender until it is fully immersed. Stick-blend for 50 seconds, or until a thin trace is achieved. Add essential oils and blend for 15 more seconds.


Split the batch into four easy-pour containers with the following amounts


Container A: 1 ¼ cups (300ml)

Container B: 1 ¼ cups (300ml)

Container C: ⅔ cups (150ml)

Container D: ⅔ cups (150ml)


To Container C, add 2 teaspoons of activated charcoal. Blend Container A (uncolored) with stick blender for 5 seconds. Pour batter into mold and tap on table until smooth. Pour the black batter (container C) in a spiral pattern into the small uncolored batch of soap (container D). Pour from at least 6 inches above the container so the black penetrates all the way through the uncolored soap. Slowly pour the black and the tan swirl from container D over the first layer of soap. 


Pour over the back of a spatula, and as low to the first layer as possible to avoid breaking the first layer. Pour the entire swirled mixture. Whisk the soap in container B to loosen the batter. Again pouring low and slow, over the back of a spatula, pour about half of the batter carefully over the swirled layer.


 Stick blender the remaining batter (container B) for 10 seconds. Carefully pour the thickened soap into the mold and tap on the table. Spritz the soap with rubbing alcohol and let set for 48 hours before attempting to unmold. If it's not releasing from the mold let set for another 24 hours, or place in the freezer for 3 hours and try again. 


Cut into bars and let cure for 4 to 6 weeks before using, turning them every few days to ensure that they cure evenly. 

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