Hair Conditioner & Scalp Stimulator

Hair Conditioner & Scalp Stimulator

This formula helps stimulate circulation, encourages hair growth and aids in balancing sebum production. It's great to use, even if you have oily hair. For badly damaged hair, leave in overnight.


1/2 cup organic jojoba oil

40 drops of organic rosemary (chemotype verbenon) essential oil

25 drops of organic basil essential oil

20 drops of organic lemon essential oil

15 drops of organic lavender essential oil

15 drops of organic lemongrass essential oil

10 drops of organic peppermint essential oil

In a 4oz amber bottle, add the essential oils, then jojoba oil. Let sit 24+ hours before use to let the oils synergize. No refrigeration is required, but for best results, use within two years.


To use, put about 2 tablespoons into a bowl. Use your fingertips to apply to your scalp thoroughly. Wrap and let sit 30-45 minutes or overnight. 

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