Medicated Body Cream for Skin Cancer

Medicated Body Cream for Skin Cancer

This medicated body cream is a blend I made for family members to treat their skin cancers with both the healing power of ozone & cannabis! 


We offer the non-cannabis version online. Cannabis oil can easily be added into the finished products yourselves, since we can't legally sell medicated items online.


Essential oils such as lemongrass have also shown promise in shrinking cancer cells in clinical trials!


2 tbsp organic hemp seed oil

1 tbsp organic sesame oil

1 tbsp organic safflower oil

1 tbsp organic jojoba oil

1 tbsp organic pumpkin seed oil

1 tbsp organic ozonated olive oil

2 tbsp organic ozonated coconut oil

1 tbsp organic cacao or mango butter

1 tsp organic ucuuba butter

2 tbsp wild-harvested candelilla wax


9 tbsp distilled water

1/2 tsp borax

2.5+ grams of Rick Simpson Oil Cannabis Concentrate


a few drops of organic lemon, frankincense, lavender, geranium & sage essential oils


In a saucepan, melt the non-ozonated oils, butters and waxes together until just mixed. In another pan, mix the water, glycerin and borax together until mixed. Remove both from heat. Add the ozonated oils into the oil blend when it has cooled a bit.


When the oil blend begins to cool and turn to a salve, put it into the blender and turn on low. Pour the water blend into the vortex with your blessings and intentions for the medicine.


Add the essential oils and bottle in a glass jar. 

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