Rosehip Sensitive Skin Food

Rosehip Sensitive Skin Food

7 tbsp Rosehip Oil

2 tbsp Hemp Seed Butter

2 tbsp Candelilla Wax

9 tbsp Distilled Water

⅛ tsp Borax


Take the butters and waxes and melt them in a pan on low then remove from heat. Add the rosehip oil and mix well. Slightly melt it together if it cools too quickly and starts to solidify. You don't want to heat the pomegranate oil if you can help it, in order to preserve its properties. In another pan heat the water ingredients, dissolve the borax, then remove from heat. Add the oil base into a blender then turn it on low, add water ingredients. Turn on and off while using a spatula to blend until a cream. Bottle, then label.

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