Vitamin C, E & B3 Skin Food

Vitamin C, E & B3 Skin Food

1 tbsp organic hemp seed oil

1 tbsp organic jojoba oil

2 tbsp organic coconut oil

1 tbsp organic carrot seed oil

4 tbsp organic rosehip oil

2 tbsp candelilla wax

1 tbsp organic hemp seed butter

9 tbsp organic aloe vera gel

⅛ tsp borax

2500mg Niacin (vitamin B3)

2500mg Vitamin C

5000IU Vitamin E oil

10 drops trace minerals


Take the oils, butters, and waxes and melt them in a pan on low then remove from heat. In another pan dissolve the borax, Niacin & Vitamin C in the aloe vera base, then remove from heat. Add the trace minerals into the water base. Pour the oil base into a blender then turn it on low, add water ingredients. Turn on and off while using a spatula to blend until a cream. Add the vitamin E oil and mix well.

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