Super Mineral Ozone Tooth Oil

Super Mineral Ozone Tooth Oil

3oz ozonated coconut oil

½ oz ozonated olive oil gel

½ oz ozonated Black cumin seed oil

3 drops of trace minerals

1,000 IU vitamin D3

1,000mcg vitamin K2

(or 5 squirts of the vitamin D3/K2 blend in each 4oz bottle)

Ionic selenium/Magnesium supplement

(one dropperful in each 4oz bottle)

¼ tbsp wheatgrass powder

¼ tbsp theobromine powder

Pour the coconut oil into the 4oz bottle, leaving room for the other oils and ingredients. Add the powder and oil supplements, then shake each bottle well. Add the rest of the olive oil gel and black cumin seed oil into each jar and shake again before washing each jar with alcohol then labeling.

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