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CBD Hemp-Derived Isolate Powder

This is our 99.58% pure hemp-derived CBD isolate!

We've recently begun infusing our potions with CBD upon request and we also sell this pure isolate powder in its raw form for $20 a half gram (500mg) or $40 a full gram (1000mg). This powder is oil soluble, but not water soluble.

Email us at 

[email protected]

CBD Oil Infusions

This is our pure CBD isolate in organic MCT oil.

We have 1oz, 2oz and 4oz glass dropper bottles available.

They come in 250mg, 500mg and 1000mg increments for $10, $20 and $40.

We have many other organic cold-pressed oils that can be infused with any amount of CBD by request. Choose from Hemp, Sunflower, Sesame, Black Cumin, Jojoba & More! 

These can also be made with ozonated oils by request, as CBD is soluble in any oil.

Email us at 

[email protected]

CBD Salves

This is our pure CBD isolate dissolved in organic cold-pressed virgin coconut oil. Any amount of milligrams can be requested. This is our standard 2oz bottle for $30 with 1000mg (1 gram) of CBD isolate.

This can be made with ozonated organic coconut oil with 1000mg for $40.

Email us at 

[email protected]

CBD Toothache Oils

This is our toothache oil made with CBD! We had so many requests for a really strong ozonated oil made specifically for toothaches and pains from infection, that it just made sense to offer this one with CBD also!

We have 1oz & 2oz glass dropper bottles available with 250mg and 500mg CBD isolate added for $20 and $40.

Email us at 

[email protected]

CBD Magnesium Skin Food

This is our popular Magnesium Skin Food made with CBD isolate!

We have 2oz, 4oz and 9oz jars available upon request.

There is a plain magnesium blend, a Baby Blend with Lavender and Copaiba oils, and a Pain, Inflammation and Circulation blend of essential oils (listed in the photo).

These can be ordered with any amount of milligrams of CBD you prefer.

We have made 333mg our standard amount in a 2oz jar for $25.

Email us at 

[email protected]

CBD Pain, Inflammation & Circulation Skin Foods

This is our popular Pain, Inflammation & Circulation Skin Food infused with 333mg of our CBD isolate powder! Any amount of milligrams may be requested in any of your products, but we have standardized these at 333mg for $40.

This is the strongest recipe for pain that we make and full extract cannabis oil can easily be added into the blend yourself, as it is oil based!

Email us at 

[email protected]

CBD Pain & Inflammation Balm

We wanted to make a more affordable, divinely scented CBD balm that was great for massages, and this was the result! We added a few essential oils for relaxation and pain like rosemary, juniper, eucalyptus and blue chamomile in an organic shea butter and ozonated oil base. 

We then added 250mg of CBD isolate into the mix and what came out was our new favorite moisturizing CBD massage balm! The texture is amazing!

We sell these in 2oz jars for $20

There are also 4oz and 9oz jars available upon request for $40 & $80

Email us at 

[email protected]

CBD Roll-Ons

This is our 333mg CBD Ozone Roll-On!

It comes in a blue glass bottle with a stainless steel roller ball.

This base is our pure ozonated olive oil gel that was ozonated for 3 weeks diluted with pure organic hemp seed oil with 333mg of our CBD isolate dissolved into it!

These can be ordered plain or with any essential oils you choose.

People love the camphor and menthol blend!

These are 15mL for $20

Email us at

[email protected]