Our Story

Ozone changed the course of my life and still is.

In 2015, my late friend, Adam Rose, was suffering from AIDS. We had another friend tell us about ozone therapy at the time. We had never heard of someone using ozone medicinally before, but he went ahead and bought an ozone generator to treat himself after a bit of research and an ozone therapy session with a Naturopath. This sent us on a journey for years learning about all the applications of ozone. When reading about Nikola Tesla one night a book mentioned that he sold ozonated olive oil to doctors for medical use. We then began experimenting with ozonating different oils and blending them into different lotions and potions. 

I had previous experience operating an online organic shop called Aurora's Closet from 2005-2009. 

We revived all those old recipes, ozonated them...then opened up shop again.


Ozoned Organics was officially begun in 2015 through this journey of self-healing and experimentation. 

Many of our products have been customer requests that have become so popular they get added to the shop permanently!


We had such personal success using the cannabis-infused ozonated products with friends and family and their melanoma spots that we sold them to dispensaries in California before they changed the vending laws. We have since been operating primarily online with multiple physical stores around California carrying some of our bestselling items. We began infusing our products with CBD  in 2020 after it became legal to ship nationwide. We hope to eventually expand back into the fully medicated products and offer them to dispensaries throughout the states.


We moved from Mount Shasta to Westwood, California in 2020 and have made this home base since.

Our products are made with love and intention in the mountains of Northern California and shipped worldwide. 

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