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Want to purchase your own Ozone Generator?

We recently became an affiliate of 

Synergy Ozone Generators 

We promote the use of these convenient cold-corona discharge machines because they come in lockable aluminum cases with LIFETIME WARRANTIES!

These are some of the best ozone generators we've used for the price. Customers often ask us where they can get a high-quality machine that can be used for both medical treatments and other applications such as making ozonated water and oils.

We use custom-made Purifications Industrial units and medical-grade oxygen concentrators to produce our oils. Our machines never turn off and we require a much higher ozone output than either of these briefcase units can produce. Though, these are the machines we promote for personal use at home.

These machines require a medical-grade oxygen concentrator or oxygen tank/regulator to work.

Please click the link below to browse Synergy's website.

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