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2oz, 4oz & 9oz Ozonated Skin Food

2oz, 4oz & 9oz Ozonated Skin Food

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This is our most loved, basic Skin Food in a 2oz amber glass jar.

It has consistently been one of our bestselling skin foods and has one of the highest ozone contents when compared to our other skin foods. 
  It's made with ozonated hemp seed oil, sesame seed oil, ozonated sunflower oil, jojoba oil, pumpkin oil, ozonated olive oil, ozonated coconut oil, mango butter, candelilla wax, distilled water, borax and trace minerals. Essential oils can be added upon request.
    Any ingredients may be substituted or omitted by request.
Minimum orders for batches in which the formula has been altered is 10 ounces.

would you prefer any essential oils added?
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