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2oz, 4oz, & 9oz Unicorn Poo (Sparkly Mica Powder Sun Lotion)

2oz, 4oz, & 9oz Unicorn Poo (Sparkly Mica Powder Sun Lotion)

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Our Unicorn Poo is my children's version of our sun lotion. Instead of all zinc oxide, this skin food has all different colors of mica powders added into it also. It creates a sparkling, sun reflecting effect on the skin, which provides protection from sunburns in a similar way that the non-nano zinc oxide does without appearing completely white in color. Some of our customers say they use this as a natural makeup primer because of how thick it is...and it adds SPF protection!

We add a bit of organic frankincense essential oil into these usually, but it can be omitted upon request. They can be customized with any of our other essential oils by request also.

These come in 2oz, 4oz & 9oz amber glass jars. Any allergies or special requests?
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