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2oz Remineralizing Tooth Goop Putty (shilajit & shellfish-free)

2oz Remineralizing Tooth Goop Putty (shilajit & shellfish-free)

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This is the shellfish and shilajit-free version of our Remineralizing Tooth Goop.

This blend is a sticky putty made of minerals soaked in organic sesame oil. This makes the fat-soluble vitamins and minerals bioavailable for your teeth.

Our organic sesame oil is infused with theobromine, hydroxyapatite, wheatgrass powder, sea kelp powder, zeolite, di-calcium phosphate and myrrh for at least 6 weeks before being strained then blended with organic beeswax. 

This blend is meant to be brushed into your teeth after your normal oral care regimen or used as a spot treatment on problem areas and teeth.

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