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8oz Nutribiotic Coconut Oil Shasta Soap, Shampoo & Body Wash

8oz Nutribiotic Coconut Oil Shasta Soap, Shampoo & Body Wash

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This blend of soap is made with Nutribiotic Coconut Oil Soap (purified water, saponified coconut oil [alkalized], citric acid), ozonated organic olive oil, organic hemp seed oil, organic essential oils of your choice and a Lemurian quartz crystal from one of the 7 most sacred mountains in the world, Mama Shasta 

If you prefer other oils, please leave me a message in the comment box, we customize!

It comes in an 8oz glass bottle with a cork.
Refills available for half price, save your bottle!

We've added a half teaspoon of ozonated organic extra virgin olive oil and hemp seed oils.  Hemp seed oil has a full amino acid spectrum...meaning that it provides complete protein and has high mineral content.  This with the benefits of olive oil AND ozone provide a uniquely luxurious and completely natural soap experience that leaves you feeling clean without the film that some other organic soaps can leave on your skin...and is totally baby friendly! 
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