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ItSnotGel Curl Conditioner

ItSnotGel Curl Conditioner

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This recipe is made with the mucous from flax seeds soaked in our nano-colloidal silver. We then add bits of ozonated hemp seed oil as well as organic jojoba and castor oils.
It can be used plain or with essential oils.
People with super curly hair use this as a leave-in curl conditioner. Others have been using it as regular conditioner. Some of our customers with extra-straight and oily hair use it overnight or before their showers as a deep conditioner, then shampooing it out.
Depending on the specific needs of your hair...more or less oils can be added. We also have organic shea, mango,cacao and hemp seed butters that can be whipped in by request.

It will come in a 4oz amber glass bottle. Larger sizes are available by request.

Any allergies or special requests?
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