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Remineralizing & Whitening Ozonated Tooth Care Set

Remineralizing & Whitening Ozonated Tooth Care Set

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This set is the product of our quest to make the best toothcare set we can. After many trial and error, this is our favorite, and most effective blend, thus far for remineralizing & whitening.
  The 4oz amber glas jar is filled with a blend of whipped, ozonated organic coconut oil, LyteTrace trace mineral drops (magnesium, chloride, sodium, potassium, sulfate, lithium, boron & over 70 essential minerals), 14,000 IU Vitamin D3 and 250mcg Vitamin K2 in MCT oil with organic peppermint essential oil (optional - other essential oils or plain may be requested)

The manufacturer of the Vitamin D3/K2 supplement we use also adds a bit of organic peppermint essential oil into their supplement, so unless you request to opt-out of having this oil added also, the tooth oil will have a slight peppermint taste and scent.
  The 2oz corked amber glass bottle contains a blend of pure, food-grade calcium carbonate, food-grade di-calcium phosphate, calcium bentonite clay, food-grade diatomaceous earth, organic turmeric powder, activated charcoal, lucuma and food-grade baking soda

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